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Diversion with stalking charge dropped.

I’m extremely happy!!! Thanks for all your work and fighting for me, I’m very grateful and I’m ecstatic with the outcome!


Assault charge dropped.

Thanks so much again for everything couldn’t be happier with you guys and this whole journey, you are bloody legends!


Serious charges dropped, no conviction.

I had a family violence issue with three serious charges against me including unlawful assault, recklessly causing injury, and threat to kill. My lawyer from MyDefence professionally worked on my case in all stages and proceeding until he ended up with dropping the two most serious charges in plea bargain with prosecutors, he then could successfully convince the judge by presenting my circumstances at the time of offence that unlawful assault to be without any conviction recorded to avoid affecting my future and relationship in Australia. I highly appreciate the great job he did and highly recommend MyDefence to everyone in trouble.


Highly recommended.

Your communication and professionalism are second to none, not to mention you have a great ability to make people feel comfortable in your dealings with them. I will highly recommend you to anyone else in need of your service.


3 charges down to 1.

Thank you to MyDefence for helping me with my charges. My lawyer fought for me and managed to get 3 charges down to 1. I ended up just paying a fine when I was told early on by the Magistrate I was looking at a good behaviour bond.


Best money spent.

I had a driving charge for driving while suspended and was facing a further suspension. My MyDefence lawyer found that the police brief hadn't been submitted to the court properly and the charge was dropped on a technicality. This was definitely the best money spent.