About us.

Why we built a digital-first legal practitioner referral service to provide affordable law.

"Good criminal legal representation shouldn't send you broke. With digital technologies making communication with courts and police easier, there is no reason that legal fees for defending police charges should continue to be unaffordable.

We founded MyDefence to connect clients with top criminal lawyers who will have their backs to get a great result without the stress of feeling the need to plead guilty because they can't afford a lawyer to attend another court date."

Mark Sehler, MyDefence founder

Access to real justice for all.

MyDefence connects our customers with criminal defence lawyers who share our vision of making the law affordable to all and who deeply care about their clients in the impact a criminal conviction can have on their lives. We built MyDefence on the back of research that revealed that 97% of criminal cases are resolved by the police withdrawing charges, or clients pleading guilty to fewer charges. Only a small percentage ever get to a contested hearing or trial which is the most expensive part of criminal defence.

Taking a digital-first approach.

We have gotten rid of the old school way that lawyers work with clients, police and prosecutors in the criminal justice system. We do this by connecting you with lawyers who remove the need for face to face conferences and some court attendances that traditional law firms rely on to charge exorbitant fees. Instead, we use technology to enable lawyers who we refer you to to get you winning personalised legal results. Our referred lawyers save you time and money by streamlined communications through the MyDefence website.

Our goal is that by the time of your first court appearance, most of the negotiations are done by your referred lawyer. As part of this, you will also know your options and case strategy. This means there are no surprises and less anxiety.

Our referred lawyers attend all your important hearings and write to the court in advance of seeking simple adjournments where you are required to attend.

The advice of your referred lawyer is accessible through your MyDefence account. When you view your account, you will see your defences for each charge. The MyDefence platform also provide an outline of the material that your lawyer needs from you to get charges withdrawn or reduced.

Getting pleas down to a fine art.

If your referred lawyer advises you that the charges can be proven, the lawyer will attend your Plea Hearing with a well crafted plea structured to persuade the magistrate to only impose the minimum sentence without conviction. As part of this, the MyDefence platform supplies you with reference templates and connects you with service providers to provide reports for your plea.

What about Legal Aid?

Legal Aid is only eligible for people on low incomes. For everyone else they need to fund their own defence. Our experience has shown that Legal Aid, while free, can lead to poor outcomes. Clients are often advised to plead guilty to charges that should have been withdrawn. Firms that provide Legal Aid funding simply do not have the time to dedicate to the volume of clients to provide a considered defence strategy. With MyDefence you get a top criminal lawyer referred to you and dedicated to getting you the best outcome without compromise.