Frequently asked questions.

We think we've covered most questions below, feel free to contact us if there is something not listed.

What's a Summons or Court Attendance Notice?

When you are charged with an offence, police will issue you with a Summons (VIC, TAS, SA) or Court Attendance Notice (NSW). This document compels you to attend court.

Other FAQs.

At the moment we are focusing only on helping clients that have been charged with criminal offences with the low fixed fee your referred lawyer commits to,  as this is the legal area we have found clients are suffering the greatest injustice. We can help on other matters on a quotation basis, contact us to discuss.

The lawyers referred to your case work in Magistrates’ and Local Courts for the flat rate fee outlined on the MyDefence website. These cases enable your lawyer to work predominantly through digital communications which saves you money.

We can refer you to lawyers who can put case strategies together for County, District and Supreme Courts on a quotation basis – just contact us for a free consultation.

Digital tools have transformed how lawyers can run cases and MyDefence has embraced this which reflects in the low fixed fee charged by the lawyers who we refer you to. Traditional law firms earn fees from court appearances and client conferences at their offices. MyDefence lawyers use video conferencing tools and email to communicate with our clients, police and prosecutors which saves them time in running your case. By doing this they can reduce the number of court appearances and still provide quality legal services, as well as make the process less stressful and costly for you.

Legal Aid is only eligible for people on low incomes. For everyone else they need to fund their own defence. Legal Aid has freely acknowledged the pressure on their criminal law service and “putting the quality of service people receive at risk and reducing the number of people [they] can help”. Our experience has shown that Legal Aid, while free, can produce mixed outcomes like with any legal service depending on the experience of the solicitor a client is assigned. Legal Aid is also under significant funding and time pressures and lawyers while highly skilled are operating in challenging circumstances. MyDefence is supportive of Legal Aid and the work they do, however our goal is to offer choice of representation to clients on the financial margins. With MyDefence you get a top criminal lawyer referred to you and dedicated to getting you the best outcome without compromise.

Our referred lawyers beat or match traditional law firms on cost, consistency and communication. Traditional criminal law firms charge $,1500+ for a single appearance at court including for simple adjournments. Customers of our website have said they have spent over $5,000 that achieved very little, so it can be hit and miss depending on where you go.

Traditional law firms can also be hit and miss as to how much they communicate with their clients. When you sign up to a MyDefence account, your case communications with your lawyer are accessible under your “My Defence” tab, and they send you notifications on the progress of your case (see how we work). Your lawyer conducts all our client meetings with video conferencing, saving them time and you money. Your lawyer conducts all conferencing with prosecutors over email and telephone so that by the time we appear in court, much of the work on your case is already done. The low fixed fee offers our customers peace of mind, knowing that they are still getting top representation.

The lawyers who we refer you to defend the full array of criminal charges that can be heard at the magistrates’ and local courts of Australia. Our customers typically come to us with the following offences:

  • Driving and Traffic offences – speeding, drink/drug driving, infringements;
  • Drug Possession and Trafficking;
  • Criminal Damage;
  • Theft;
  • Assaults;
  • Firearm offences;
  • Proceeds of Crime.

Our fixed fees do not cover family violence matters, however our referred lawyers have certain strategies for these cases. Contact us for pricing where the charges relate to family violence. If you have a matter being heard in District, County or Supreme Court, contact our parent company for help www.burncitylegal.com.au.

97% of criminal cases resolve by way of withdrawal of charges by the prosecutor or a plea of guilty or combination of both. Bearing this in mind, MyDefence’s referred lawyer’s fixed fees will cover their attendance in the following important court processes:

  • Case conferences and negotiations with police and prosecutors;
  • Mentions and Further Mentions as required;
  • Contest Mentions;
  • Plea Hearings.

At times they will ask you to request a simple adjournment, e.g if you are on bail,  required to attend to enter a plea of not guilty, or if the prosecutor needs more time to provide your lawyer with information. Your lawyer will notify the court of this and provide you with a note of all you need to say to the magistrate.

What the low fixed fee does not cover

The low fixed fee gives you the confidence that if you wish to contest your matter then you have the option. This removes the pressure of you feeling the need to plead guilty and keeping alive the prospect that the police will withdraw the charges. Costs not covered in the fixed fee include:

  • Contested Hearings $3,500.00 per day;
  • Bail Applications $3,500.00;
  • Car Impoundment Release Hearings $1,650.00.

Contact us if you wish to discuss being referred to specific legal services not covered by the low fixed fee.