How far into the court process will a lawyer represent me?


How far into the court process will a lawyer represent me?

97% of criminal cases resolve by way of withdrawal of charges by the prosecutor or a plea of guilty or combination of both. Bearing this in mind, MyDefence’s referred lawyer’s fixed fees will cover their attendance in the following important court processes:

  • Case conferences and negotiations with police and prosecutors;
  • Mentions and Further Mentions as required;
  • Contest Mentions;
  • Plea Hearings.

At times they will ask you to request a simple adjournment, e.g if you are on bail,  required to attend to enter a plea of not guilty, or if the prosecutor needs more time to provide your lawyer with information. Your lawyer will notify the court of this and provide you with a note of all you need to say to the magistrate.

What the low fixed fee does not cover

The low fixed fee gives you the confidence that if you wish to contest your matter then you have the option. This removes the pressure of you feeling the need to plead guilty and keeping alive the prospect that the police will withdraw the charges. Costs not covered in the fixed fee include:

  • Contested Hearings $3,500.00 per day;
  • Bail Applications $3,500.00;
  • Car Impoundment Release Hearings $1,650.00.

Contact us if you wish to discuss being referred to specific legal services not covered by the low fixed fee.

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